Exploring mortality's weight across various time scales, Hautemulle’s practice questions values shaped by finite time. From geological epochs to personal lifetimes, she questions productivity, progress, pleasure, beauty, goodness and value.
How in our mortality, do we consume time?

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︎︎︎ michael.hautemulle@gmail.com
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Life Is Too Short To Be Serious All The Time
Curated by Georgia Stephenson
Lumen Studios, London

An exhibition in which artists Jack Evans, Michael Hautemulle and Richard Müller employ comedy to deal with issues arising from and grappling with the understanding of our current geological era, the Anthropocene.

Presented work by Michael Hautemulle:

I Need a Lifetime (and beyond) Lover
Video, valtos sandstone, text, tinder, velvet cushion
01 hours 04 minutes